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The CFD Trading Strategy has been taken 
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From:The Desk of Jeff Cartridge

Dear Fellow CFD Trader,

You may be attracted to trading Contracts for Difference (CFDs) for the fact that you can leverage your money. As you are no doubt aware, the leverage you get access to on CFDs can be a double edged sword and without the right trading plan, experience and market knowledge, that leverage can turn around and bite you in the bum.

After searching for many years in the markets I believe I have found an answer that will allow you to implement a fully back tested and mechanically sound Index CFD trading strategy that can be implemented in less than 3 minutes per day.

Jeff Cartridge Sydney Harbour

My name is Jeff Cartridge from I am a private CFD Trader who lives in Christchurch, New Zealand and after more than 10 years in the financial markets, having authored 2 authoritive CFD books published by Wiley publishers (Supercharge Your Trading With CFDs & CFDs Made Simple) and having trained over 100,000 people how to trade, I recently had a major break through.

I have often been asked by new traders how to get started trading, there is so much choice available with CFDs and the market in general, but most just want to know where to start. Well today I have an answer for you.


Recently I was conducting a presentation for Australia's largest CFD broker when it suddenly dawned on me that there was a simple way for people to get started trading CFDs.

I had experimented with trading stocks, sectors, commodities, currencies and indices, with good success. I kept at it until I found a way of trading that worked for the instrument I was trading. But what I found is that many of the strategies I used were difficult to follow.

My Clients Were Not Able To Duplicate My Results

Even though the strategy was profitable, I often found that the real time results for my clients were very different from the theoretical results that the strategy delivered and the results I was achieving. This difference comes about for many reasons, but for most people it is the inability to follow the strategy that stands in their way. Executing the orders can be difficult, because trades are taken frequently, or in the middle of the night, or when markets are moving quickly or in low volume stocks. This makes it nearly impossible to duplicate the results of the strategy.

But There Is A Simple Solution

So there is a simple answer and that is to follow a strategy that combines advanced techniques of entries, pyramiding and money management on one of the most actively traded markets in the world using Index CFDs.

The CFD Trading Strategy trades just 3 - 8 times per
month, depending on market conditions and can
be traded in around 3 minutes per day.

Trades are executed after the US close when the markets are quiet (here in Australia/New Zealand) and missing the exact price by a point or two will have a very small impact on your overall results as we are not intraday trading or scalping.

The world’s stock markets trade almost 24 hours as the earth rotates through its day. New Zealand and Australia start the trading day followed by the Asian markets of Japan, Hong Kong, China, then it moves to India, the Middle East, Europe and UK, before finishing the day with the largest markets in the world in the USA.

Finally a system that means I DO NOT have to sit in
front of my PC
 all day nervously waiting for signals
and which fits in with my busy schedule

But there is a window of opportunity when there is very little trading activity that allows trades to be executed when the markets are quiet. From the US close to the open in Australia there is this unique opportunity.

It is during this quiet time that trades can be easily executed and with a few minutes a day you can be on your way to implementing what the professionals refer to as a 'system with an edge'.

This simple CFD Index Trading strategy:

  Includes full trade instructions from start to finish - You can relax
Leave the entries, exits, pyramiding, scaling out and money management to me!
  Requires minimal time input
Just 3 - 8 trades per month and less than 3 minutes per day
  Has low cost execution
Can you get any better than FREE? Index CFDs are Commission free
  Trades infrequently
Perfect for those who are time poor but seek Financial Freedom
  Provides both long and short trades
You will be trading regardless of whether the market is going up or down
  And trades one of the largest and most liquid markets in the world
Has a market capitalisation of $US32 Trillion

What This CFD Strategy Isn't

Having been around the markets for over 10 years I can tell you I have come across a lot of systems. Throughout Australia there are some very notable system sellers selling CFD trading systems on the Australia CFD market for $2,500 per year and above.

Unfortunately these CFD trading systems are based on relatively illiquid markets (Australia share CFDs) which means it is difficult to get in and out at the prices they suggest. This causes unnecessary stress and your results will never match the hypothetical results of the system seller. I know first hand as I have come across groups of people who have looked to take a class action against one of the main system sellers here in Australia.

Trading the highly liquid Index CFDs

That is why my CFD Trading Strategy focuses on trading one of the major CFD Indices. Index CFDs have incredible liquidity and the volume that goes through these on a daily basis is staggering.

Here are a few sample trades to review

Whilst you work through the sample trades below keep in mind the strategy takes less than 3 minutes per day to execute and I'll be guiding you through every single step of each trade via email. If you have a CFD account and you can open your emails, then you are pretty much ready to go.

Whilst many people would think this must be an incredible system, the members who are currently trading it know that it's based around a foundation of sensible money management combined with a consistent entry and exit strategy.

Your CFD Trading System needs to have an edge

Smart traders know the importance of getting a vital edge in their trading arsenal. Now it's your turn to discover how to implement a simple CFD Trading Strategy where I do all the work for you and everything is backed up with 19 video tutorials.

Uncover the mechanics of the system for yourself. Whilst I should be charging hundreds of dollars a month for my strategy, you can actually get involved for less than it takes to have dinner with your partner.

Tell your significant other that you'll have to miss dinner at your favourite restaurant this month but instead have the opportunity to follow a CFD trading strategy that is built on a foundation of sensible money management. Exact Signals Selected For You

These returns may seem unbelievable, but in reality they are achievable with Contracts for Difference. Successful CFD trading comes down to the efficient use of leverage and I have created a specific calculation to know exactly how many contracts to trade at every level. Best of all, you control your trading account. You can start or stop at any time you wish and even scale back the number of contracts if you so desire.

I provide exact signals on when to enter and when to exit trades. And I follow the same strategy myself.

Here is a sample of some of the trades the system generated, keep in mind you only need 3 minutes per day to trade it and as a general rule you will only be trading 3-8 times per month.

Nasdaq CFD strategy

So Are You Saying I Just Follow Your Signals Daily?

Here is what happens each morning...

  • You receive an email from me giving you the trade for the day
  • If my email says no trade, then relax and go back to your morning coffee
  • If my email says to buy or sell, I will tell you exactly how many contracts to buy based on a $5,000 account and all your do is open your trading account and follow my instructions
  • Your mind is free to rest easy knowing that I will take care of the exact quantity to buy or sell, when to add to positions and when to scale out of positions or to take potential profits
  • Close your PC down and get on with your day.

Trades Will Be Taken For Both Long & Short Depending On Market Conditions

After a decade of testing indicators, strategies and good old common sense I have developed a CFD Trading System that trades in both rising and falling markets. Yes...this means it doesn't matter if the market is rising or falling, the strategy can potentially create opportunities in both directions.

Remember this strategy only takes 3 minutes per day to execute and is backed up by great support including over 15 video tutorials and email/phone assistance.

If fact, for just $97 per month you will get access to the exact buy and sell signals every day that have enabled me to earn monthly returns that to some people seem out of this world*. Think about it: What can you get for $97 nowadays? Not much right.

I'm talking less than $3 per day plus change - that's probably less than what you are currently spending on coffee.

Now it's time to decide if you are going to secure this CFD trading opportunity for $3 per day plus change or continue doing what you are currently doing, getting the same results you have always got.

Your Exclusive Bonus Video Tutorials

In addition to providing you with daily trading signals I wanted to provide a comprehensive suite of video trading tutorials to ensure you get off to the best possible start. You get access to 19 video tutorials spread across 4 main modules as illustrated below. These cover everything from a quick start guide to how to place your orders to the actual strategy itself.


As soon as you activate your membership you get exclusive access to all 19 video tutorials. No waiting around as you will get directed straight to the members area with access to all the training.

Here is a brief overview of each of the 4 modules with 19 video's in all.

  • Video 1: Best way to trade the strategy
  • Video 2: What you need to do when you receive the email each day
  • Video 3: What happens if I'm in a different time zone?
  • Video 4: Placing your first trade and what to expect
  • Video 5: Which contract you should be trading
  • Video 6: How many contracts should I be buying based on my account size?
  • Video 7: Futures versus Contracts for Difference (CFDs)
  • Video 8: The best starting account size for this strategy
  • Video 9: What is drawdown and what you need to consider
  • Video 10: Halving your results and halving your drawdown
  • Video 11: How to handle less than favourable conditions
  • Video 12: The strategy and how the signals are formed
  • Video 13: Overcoming the mindfield of CFD brokers available
  • Video 14: Logging in to your trading platform
  • Video 15: Adding the index to My Portfolio
  • Video 16: How to place a long trade and close that position
  • Video 17: How to place a short trade and close that position
  • Video 18: How to add to an existing position (pyramiding) and closing partial trades
  • Video 19: How to amend your stop loss

As you can appreciate I wanted to ensure everyone got the most out of this training irrespective of whether you are a seasoned trader with many years experience or you are a complete newbie trader. Either way, I've got you covered with the 19 video tutorials above.

In addition to that, every video training page has the option to leave comments and discuss what has been said in the videos. If you feel something wasn't covered, just let me know and I'll add it in another training module. It's that easy.

As Jim Rohn says: 'For things to change, you have to change.
For things to get better, you have to get better'

Isn't it time you decided to 'get better' and discover what it's like to trade a trading system where I hold your hand on every trade from start to finish?

At this stage the CFD Trading Strategy has been taken offline and is not currently available. 

Note:Email alerts will be sent daily and by clicking on subscribe and subsequently signing up for our service, you understand that you will be billed at $97 per month.

Answers To Your
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have a full time job, will I be able to still follow along and make trades?

JEFF: Absolutely. The CFD Trading Strategy takes less than 3 minutes a day to trade so even those on the most demanding schedules will be able to trade the daily signals. In fact it is perfect for those with an extremely busy schedule who just want to align their trading with that of a professional trader.

Q: How often does the CFD Trading Strategy trade?

JEFF: On average you will have to take a new position 3-8 times per month. Most days you will receive an email suggesting 'no trade' which means no action is required on your behalf.

Q: How many different contracts do you trade at the same time and is this difficult?

JEFF: The CFD Trading Strategy trades one Index CFD only and you will only ever get updates on that one index. I keep the strategy very simple to make everyone's life that much easier. You will need around 3 minutes per day to execute the CFD Trading Strategy.

Q: What time do you email the daily alerts?

JEFF: Emails come through at around 6am Sydney time Tuesday through Saturday morning plus or minus 15 minutes. This means you could expect to receive an email from me at 5:45am to 6:15 five days a week Sydney time.

Q: Am I free to cancel my membership at any time?

JEFF: Yes you can cancel your membership at any time. There are no contracts. Just email  with 'Cancel' in the subject line at least 3 days before the next billing month and your subscription will be cancelled. Include your Name and email and you won't get billed again and you will stop receiving the daily email alerts.

Q: What if I have additional questions?

JEFF: Email  and my team and I will be in touch within 24-48 hours.

Here's to your success.

P.S. Remember this strategy takes a few minutes a day to follow and gives you precise entry, exit and money management signals.

P.P.S You get full support from me and my team to assist you in getting started and to guide you along the way. Despite the system's simplicity and the fact that it takes less than 3 minutes per day, we are here to give you full support.

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