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The CFD Trading Strategy is brought to you by Jeff Cartridge, who is a leading CFD expert in Australia and highly sort after on the seminar speaking circuit both in Australia, New Zealand and throughout Asia Pacific.

About Jeff CartridgeJeff Cartridge is a private trader and investor with a wide variety of investments in shares, CFDs and property.  Jeff is the author of the book Supercharge your Trading with CFDs published by John Wiley and Sons along with his latest book 'CFDs Made Simple', co-authored with Ashley Jessen, which is also published by Wiley & Sons. Jeff has educated tens of thousands of people in Australia and New Zealand about trading and investing through presentations for E*TRADE, CMC Markets, Cube Financial, Trading and Investing Expo and Pavilion Securities.

Over the last 10 years of being involved in the financial markets Jeff has been featured and written articles for the Sydney Morning Herald, Brisbane Daily Mail, Your Trading Edge Magazine, Wealth Creator magazine and on the Compare Shares website.

Jeff has a very broad knowledge in the financial services arena having conducted seminars on shares, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, taxation, structures, property investment, options, warrants, CFDs and managed investments.  Jeff makes complex topics easy to understand through his unique presentation style.

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